I hated meditation, and now I don’t. So, there’s that…

I wasn’t into the whole meditation thing when I started doing yoga. Really, I wasn’t. I’ve never been much of a spiritual person and always related more to being an atheist than anything else.

When I was guided through meditation I would ignore the spiritual sayings and prompts and focus primarily on my breath.


Another reason why it was hard for me to connect with meditation (and still is) was that my mind does not stop moving.

As in, at all times my mind is analyzing, worrying, moving, thinking, screaming, breathing, and watching.

It’s tiring.

As I developed my practice I became more responsive to these spiritual terms and began translating them into things I relate to, things I believe in, things that are important to me, and things that need my attention.

It soon became one of my favorite parts of class. Sweaty and smelly after an exhilarating flow I would welcome the guided meditation.

I craved it. It grounded me.

Meditation has become something I have to start every day with.


I still don’t have a word for what I am. Atheist or Spiritual – one day I’ll decide and I’ll let you all know. But in the mean time I spend a lot of my time

I guess what I’m saying is, find some time to be silent with yourself. Listen as time passes. Give yourself a moment of kind attention and curiosity. Learn about yourself.

Whether you call it meditation, breathing, silence, or prayer – find a way to make it your own. Don’t be scared or intimidated by a word. Find a way to be alone with yourself and do it.

Be kind to yourself.


Have your own meditation story? Tell me in the comments below!




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