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Greece and Italy and bffles, oh my! | JULY’S adventure 1/2

I’m flying to Greece on July 8th.

My best friend and I decided 6 months ago we would finally see each other once a year. You see, she lives on Maui and I live in Los Angeles. Since we were 18 years old we’ve never really lived in the same city. And now, she just turned 30 and I am turning 30 next year – at our midway point – we decided to just fucking make shit happen and do something we’ve always wanted to do together.



So, on July 8th we fly out of LAX and head to NYC for a day, London for a day, and then Greece for a week. After a dreamy trip of yoga and beaches with the amazing Abbi Miller, we fly out of Greece and head to Italy where my bffles friends are going to house us for another 5 days.

We part ways in NYC on our way back.

While this is happening, I’ll be looking for a new place to live in Los Angeles. I’m finally, for the first time since I lived in Honolulu, HI. committing to a city for longer than 2 years.

That’s a big deal. Which, at the end of this month I’ll probably explain in a little more detail.

But, what is this months BIG ADVENTURE?

It is quite simply, traveling with my best friend and being truly and genuinely in the moment. Day by day. Soaking up the experiences that this month has to offer.

With all my other experiences silently supporting me through all of this, I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to let go and enjoy the shit out of this trip.


Right now, nothing can ruin my life. Because, in one week – I am spending two weeks with the best person ever and that is fucking brilliant.

Summer, I think, is going to treat me oh-so-good.

What is your MONTHLY adventure? Let me know in the COMMENTS below!

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