Weekly Love

My eyes aren’t tripping they’re igniting… LOVE | Issue No. 6

 This blog post is about…

My eyes.

I love you.

My eyes have always been my favorite part about myself. When in doubt, I would look in the mirror of those super tough hatin’ on yourself kinda days. I would look in the mirror and always look at my eyes and be like. That’s cool, I’m okay.

My eyes are the same color as my grandads. He’s my hero.

I’ve always been proud that my eyes reminded me of him.

My eyes change color depending on how focused I am or how emotional. They sparking the color hazel most of the time, but I’ve seen them fluctuate from grey to a dusty blue. Sprinkling between the colors, and I have no control of my own whatsoever.

I thought it would be interesting spending a week saying ‘I love you’ to a part of me I’ve always, well… loved.

My eyes have always been my biggest health expense. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle but for some reason I have horrible eye sight.

I went through a period of have zero health care and not being able to afford my contact lenses. My glasses had broken and so, what did I do? I bought a cheap-o pair of reading glasses online and, up until recently, had been wearing them when my eyes become tired.

Otherwise though, I just went blind.

I mean, I’m not blind. But I would get migraines and headaches because I didn’t take the necessary care for the one part of my body that I had unconditional love for.

Funny that, huh? The one thing I have never had any troubles with I treated the worse. I don’t anymore, a couple months ago I used my current insurance to buy brand new glasses that I wear daily. I felt like an adult and I felt like I’d finally taken care of myself. It was empowering.

It made me always want to take care of myself.

What did I think about this week? It made me think, in self-care and self-love we focus so much on the negatives that we need to change into positives, that we forget to celebrate the things that we already love about ourselves.

I challenge you this weekend to celebrate what you love about yourself…

Celebrate what you love in your life, and rejoice in that. Put everything aside for one moment, let everything else be, and do some of your favorite things ever. Eat some of your favorite things ever. Wear some of your favorite things ever. And just fucking enjoy that fact that you already have a lot of love for yourself.


Comments? What did you say “I love you” too this week? Let me know in the comments below!


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