Monthly Adventures

Greece and Rome and bffles, oh my! | JULY’S adventure 2/2

Not to sound super fucking cliche but…

My heart is so full and may explode.

July, you were officially my favorite month. I now understand what people are talking about when they sing about summer lovin’. Also, I can’t recommend enough going on vacation. Uh, yeah I realize how obvious that MAY sound and I get it – we’re all struggling and funding other bigger and greater things. But, a vacation? Oh, my god. I have never felt SO GOOD ABOUT ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

And not just everything, but life. More specifically MY life.

I arrived home last week Saturday and literally within the first few days a lot of shit hit the fan. Car died and my apartment situation was drastically really up in the air. I had a lot of stress suddenly piled on me within 48 hours, not to mention the first 24 hours I was home I literally couldn’t keep any food down and (TMI) was vomming for an entire day.

Which, sounds all-in-all pretty shit-tastic. However, I feel so clear and level headed. I feel so happy. I came out the other end with real solutions that would make my life that much better because, you know what? I know what I want right now and even though I may not be able to get it immediately I can take the steps that’ll lead to it. So, I’m going too.

Let’s talk a little bit about the AMAZING adventure I just went on with my BFFLE.

My bffle and I traveled from LAX to NYC to LONDON to ATHENS and finally to Amorgos (the island we spent 7 dreamy days on).


And here is what happened…

Days were filled with yoga, massages, beaches, diving off of cliffs into the clearest waters I’ve ever seen, exploring the caves of Mouros Bay, climbing steps upon steps to ancient monasteries, eating all the greek yogurt we could find, driving an ATV all around town and the island, HONEY, new yogi friends, and so much love and SUN I legitimately could not stop smiling.

And then we had to leave and fly to Italy. OH MY GOD and ITALY was…

Days were filled with cheeses, breads, and steps and steps, the vatican, the coliseum, day time strolls through Rome, night time adventures in eating gelato and daydreaming on piers, RUNES and RUNES, the Popes summer house, diving into lakes with absolutely NO SALT, and the OLIVES.

And then we had to leave and fly home. It took 21 hours to fly home and in the weirdest way I was so thankful to see LA as it came into view from my window. I felt so relieved to see my brother and his girlfriend pick me up from the airport. And, you guessed it, I felt so relieved to be lying in my own bed for the first time in two weeks.

You all know I’m a nomad. You all know that it’s a big deal I’ve decided to stay in LA a little longer. This adventure, the adventure of commitment, is beginning to get really interesting.

The adventure of committing to myself, listening to myself, is ironically making me happy.

I am so happy right now and all that self-care and self-love stuff is making me thrive in ways I didn’t realize was possible. What I’ve learned from July? When people say go on vacation, REALLY go and enjoy and be in every moment. You’ll reconnect with people you love, you’ll have adventures you never thought were possible, and your curiosity for the world will increase ten-fold!

You’ll be surprised what your mind figures out without you even noticing.

How did your MONTHLY adventure go? Let me know in the COMMENTS below!


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