Monthly Adventures

Every day I’m hustlin’ yo… | AUGUST’S adventure 1/2

August. After such an exciting month, I’m not sure what I have left for you.

I’ve got a lot of change happening starting this fall and August is our last month of summer. I already feel things shifting and it makes me feel oh-so-good. My adventure this month though is…

Getting organized.


The exciting world of organization left me in the Spring for another fella’ and I was left frolicking in my indecision of whether or not I should leave LA. Now that I’ve decided whole-heartedly to stay in this wonderfully awkward town I need to address several areas of organization.

Home life and work life.

My apartment right now is a mess of people who don’t really know where they’re going or what they’re doing. Now, August is the month that that’s all changing so it’s time for some purging. My brother and I have decided to resign our lease and take our little slice of Hollywood for another year.

I haven’t been too vocal about where I live but to put it in simple terms, I really don’t like living IN Hollywood. I would rather live anywhere else in LA other than Hollywood… is what I would’ve said to you about a month ago. That was before I took a stroll through MacArthor park looking at cute little studios to rent and basically almost DIED.

Okay, I’m being dramatic.

I came back and had a good ol’ chat with my brother and we decided that we really do love the space we live in, it’s the location that gets us. So, we decided to make life a little easier on us we’d stay put for another year and basically make this cute little apartment our home. So…

This month is about making this SPACE the BIZ KNEES.


Work life. Ultimately as a creative, multi-passionate, freelancing type of individual I find myself with a scatter of projects happening simultaneously. Not to mention my day job that keeps me a float while I make small chunks of money else where.

The last year I was in NYC I found myself overwhelmed and confused about what I wanted, where I was going, and how I wanted to approach my day to day life. This is about a year into this whole Just Love Yourself thing.

So, rather then truly assessing what I need and listening to myself I went against all LOVE YOURSELF etiquette and decided I WANTED TO MOVE AGAIN BECAUSE THATS WHERE ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM.

I moved to LA and had a year of pretty much trying a TON of different things and now really following through or enjoying all those things whole-heartedly. Hence, not following through on a lot of them.

A year ago I dropped EVERYTHING, took my schedule down to its BAREST of BONES, and decided to listen to myself. All I did was work (because I couldn’t not), go to yoga, and did things that made me happy everyday.

With this action came a lot of good things. My plans for Greece were made, this blog began to mold into shape, and a ton of other creative ideas and projects began to interplay in my mind. That’s when I realized what I should be doing and started making steps and strides towards that.

That aside, what it didn’t do for me was give me a good sense of organization to pull off all these wonderful things. After 27 years of ONLY ORGANIZING MY ENTIRE LIFE DOWN TO THE LAST PENNY SPENT, I finally sat here with 6 months of doing none of that and realizing I needed a new way of doing things so I could get things done in a love yourself kind of way but also in a BEAST MODE let’s FUCKING DO THIS kind of way.

There is a middle ground. I’m still playing with it but there is a middle ground.

What am I doing this month? I have a few organizational methods that I’m putting into place to organize not just my thoughts, but my creative endeavors, my business, my work, and my life. It should make for things to happen smoother, faster, and with less distractions.

What is your MONTHLY adventure? Let me know in the COMMENTS below!

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