Weekly Love

Why can’t I have nice things! LOVE | Issue No. 9

This post is about…

My nails and specifically the area around them that is in constant turmoil between heat, flaking, and overall ugliness.

I have the hands of a restaurant worker. Because, well I’ve worked in the service industry since I was 14 years old. I have the feet of a dancer, for obvious reasons.


I used to be a dancer. If that wasn’t obvious.

I have consistent pain in my toes, my nail polish flakes off easily as I move through various yoga flows, and I can’t handle long nails because within an hour I’ll break them.

My finger nails are always short and stubby, nail polish chipping from the constant use of my hands either washing dishes or making some kind of juice or espresso, and when I do have long nails I can’t handle them while typing out my various projects on my computer so in a rage I’ll be found clipping them as short as I can.

Then I go into the spiral of wishing I could have nice things.

It’s such a weird and small thing but I’ve always wanted to have really nice finger nails and toe nails. Like, super cute and painted in different colors each week. But then, when I do it I realize to keep them pretty… I have to change how I function daily

And you know what? I enjoy randomly running and jumping into flows at the park/beach/apartment, I enjoy getting gritty with my cooking and gardening, and I enjoy that I have a really hands on job. Whether it’s at the restaurant, doing yoga, or just getting hands on with a creative project.


After wishing and wanting this thing I had considered ideal – putting that into action and into my daily life didn’t work for me. Not only didn’t it work for me, it wasn’t me.

So, I’m keeping me. Rough nails, dancers feet, and all. I love that part of me and every now and again I’ll get my self a manicure and just know it’ll last me maybe 24 hours TOPS – and you know what? I’m okay with that, because everything in-between is oh-so-good.

Comments? What did you say “I love you” too this week? Let me know in the comments below!


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