Self Love

What to do when all you want is to down an entire bottle of wine.

fullsizerender-4What to do when you’ve fallen off the band wagon.

Whatever the bandwagon means to you, we all fall off it. We all find ourselves at some point or another clutching our vice and a week or more in scrambling to come up for air. But it’s hard, and we don’t always . Saying to ourselves, well I deserve a treat, I deserve to be ‘good’ to myself, etc; etc; ETCETERA.

Isn’t it weird that we define self deprecating behaviors as being good to ourselves?

So, what I do when I find myself in a drastically dug out hole, lined with all the things that make me feel worse – not better – about myself, is I’ll…

  1. Down an entire bottle of wine.
  2. Turn on a sop rom-com.
  3. Wear my most comfiest clothing.
  4. Eat the worst chocolate cake I can find.
  5. Order in and eat all the things.

What – downing a bottle of wine, eating a tub of ice cream, eating an entire chocolate cake and THEN some, or NOT eating and working out until utter exhaustion – what all this really means is we’ve got something that needs addressing and we don’t want to address it, so we drown it.

It’s uncomfortable to sit in sad, depressed, weird, confused feelings; the majority of us will take less than a second with them and then immediately try to cover them up. Through any of the methods I’ve said, ones I haven’t said, or even by pretending everything is OKAY.


After a night, day, week (dare I say month… ) of this behavior, how do you usually find yourself feeling? I’m consistently tired, groggy, my body usually aches, I have a headache, and I have insane cravings for sugar which on the daily I don’t care much for. What would be a healthier anecdote?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a glass of wine or eat cake. Because, let’s be fucking honest – both those things are what make life pretty fucking awesome. What I am saying is, TREAT YO’SELF with LOVE not HATE and therefore do things that you know will make you FEEL GOOD the next day. If you’re already feeling like shit and then you do things that’ll make your body feel like EQUAL shit, how is that supposed to help you?

General rule of thumb. If said thing will make you wake up from a disruptive night hungover and in pain, this is not good. If said thing will make you wake up feeling vibrant and alive, this is GOOD.

Is your mind feeling like shit? Then treat your body and soul like a fucking temple GODDESS/GOD (whatever the fuck you want to call it because in the end it doesn’t matter as long as you treat it well) and make it SHINE with it’s own dewy fucking vibrancy. If you get yourself physically feeling good, eventually your mind will follow.

It’s a kind of FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT approach.

What a healthier dose of LOVE now looks like for me…

  1. Have a glass of my favourite wine.
  2. Turn on sop rom-com or feel good movie.
  3. Wear my most comfiest clothing. (because DUH)
  4. Bake a chocolate cake.
  5. Have ONE slice of chocolate cake.
  6. Finish off with a cup of tea, I’ll usually go with fresh mint or a lemon honey concoction.

So, I still get cake and I still get wine BUT I’m drinking and eating more consciously. I’m not downing wine for wine sake or eating cake for cake sake. I’m enjoying the process of needing a little extra care and I’m giving it to myself. Say, rather then feeling abused – I feel loved.


If you fall off the bandwagon don’t keep treading on yourself. Don’t decide, ‘well, I fucking might as well keep punching myself since I’ve got nothing to loose.’

We don’t have to do that, so why do we?


What do you do when you fall off the bandwagon? How do you think you can change it from self deprecating to self loving? Comments? Thoughts? Leave a comment below!



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