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Let’s talk about mantras BEY-bee


Slogan, motto, maxim, catchphrase, catchword, watchword, byword, buzzword, tagline, hymnstar, shoutstar, croon, carol, incantation, positive affirmations…

All in essence are forms of Mantras.

If you follow ANY Instagram account that is focused on health, body, fitness, and soul you’ll see a dozen quotes a week popping up all over your feed. Hell, if you have a friend who follows anything of the like they’ll be regramming that shit (I’m guilty of it!) within a second of seeing it. I find some of these quotes wonderfully inspiring…


quick pick-me-ups…


and others too sarcastically truthful…


They’re fun. it’s fun to see one pop up and “YES YES YES! I know exactly what they mean!” or the opposite “OH, that’s what I need to do to make so-and-so better…” etc; etc; ETC;.

What is a Mantra?

  1. (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.
    • a Vedic hymn.
    • a statement or slogan repeated frequently.

A statement or slogan repeated frequently.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said a statement over and over again in hopes that the moment you look away from the mirror you’ll believe it? But then, the underlying voice behind the statement creeps up a little louder and suddenly as you step out of your bathroom – bedroom – where ever you are – you find yourself resorting back to these creepy nasty thoughts rather then the positive affirmation you had been repeating earlier.

Do you ever think why? Why do I constantly have to tell myself to think positively? Why do these negative thoughts seem to always over power my mantras?


My friend came to me the other day, she’d been going through a rough year but had been actively reading self-help books, positive thinking books, and working on her health and nutrition daily. She was doing everything she could think of that could help her get through these rough times.

As I like to say ‘imma do me’ and she was doing exactly that. Herself.

But, she came to me and said “I’m tired. When do I NOT have to say a mantra to myself every morning? When can I just wake up and be fine?”

I didn’t have an answer for her then. But here’s my thoughts now, part of loving ourselves is not just doing it when we are at our best. It’s loving ourselves when we’re at our worst too. These positive affirmations, mantras if you will, we need during these times of need are just like words of comfort you would give to a friend going through a hard time.

The difference, you are now the friend.

It’s not a chore, you deserve those positive words as much as you deserve to love every inch of yourself on the daily. And that includes that little voice that creeps in negatively, that includes that time you decided to get drunk and text your ex boyfriend/girlfriend/crush etc;…

It includes you in every form of YOU.


We are always changing, life would be BORING AS FUCK if it didn’t change, and these things we do to keep us in a thriving state of being are beautiful and wonderful additions to our lives. Sometimes they might be harder to muster and say, and other times there is no negative voice and so all we hear is that wonderful positive mantra we tell ourselves.

It enables us to thrive. It enables us to be confident. It enables us to be a BAMF.

If you don’t already have a mantra, take a moment and write out what you find those negative voices are and what would balance them out. It takes a moment, and then decide ‘okay, this is what I need to hear right now” and start saying it to yourself. Sooner or later those words will become louder then the ones that are not helping you. And soon you won’t even have to think about saying them, they’ll start popping into your head without a second thought armed and ready with Elven bow and arrow.


I’ll be posting some of my favourite mantas/positive affirmations/whoo haa’s or whatever you wanna call them all next week on the social medias. Twitter to be exact. Follow me and tweet back with yours!

I hope I bombarded you with enough Instagram worthy quotes and I hope you leave this post with knowing that it’s okay to NEED to these positive words, to be these positive words, and to want MORE of these positive words in your life. I challenge you to fit out of the norm and LOVE feeling good about every part of yourself, rather than committing serial happiness and skirting over the uncomfortable purely because it doesn’t feel good.

It’ll be there until you can love it.

So, let’s just fucking love it.

What’re some of your mantras? Any thoughts yourself on the idea of loving all parts of you? Comments? Thoughts? Leave them all below!

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