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The Just Love Yourself Project is first and foremost a community of BAMF’s taking the time to love themselves and create the lives of scrumptiously happy elven archers taking one real step at a time.

Introducing a few of our featured Just Love Yourself BAMF’s.

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The first thing I ever wrote was when I was 19. It was crap. Utter crap. But euphoria that came with it as soon as I wrote the words “The End” for the first time, was unprecedented. Writing was my dragon and I was going to chase it.

Since then, I’ve fancied myself a screenwriter. I think I’m fairly good at it, too (see I’m loving myself already). For me, film isn’t just an art form. It’s one of the ultimate escapes from the stresses of the day-to-day. I’ve always said, love it or hate it. If you walk out of a film talking about it, then the movie is successful. For me film is a way to bring us together as a collective and enjoy the world that the writer and crew have created. Goddamn is it beautiful (even the shit movies). 

I haven’t yet created that thing you saw, but I have co-created a comedy web-series called Donovan & Simms. A show about a kid cop and her bumbling partner (guess which one I play), going around and solving crimes. It’s silly, it’s juvenile, it’s fun. Give it a gander.

Click here for the bad-assery that is Donovan & Simms.

It has been until recently that I’ve begun to make writing a daily activity. If it’s in my journal, a blog post, or just a verbose email, I exercise that muscle.

I’ve recently released my first novella, which can be found here. While I’ve written short stories, features and webseries scripts before, seeing my book in my hand – it confirmed that writing is in my DNA, more so that I ever thought before.

With every word, with every story, I learn to love myself a little bit more.

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