Hi, It’s me!

Hi, I’m Celestial and…



From the age of 0 to 9 my family moved around, immigrating to the United States. We are from England and went through Connecticut – Paris – Illinois – and finally California.

AT AGE 9 I told my parents I wanted to be a painter.

AT AGE 10 I started singing. I sucked. But within a year I somehow became the soloist of my choir. To this day I jump at all chances I have to sing my little heart out.

AT AGE 13 I started dancing and performing in musical theatre. I committed myself to becoming a full-fledged ballerina, and I did.

AT AGE 17 I decided musical theatre and acting was where it was at. I moved to London and spend a year and a half dancing, acting, and being poor in the city that still holds my heart.

AT AGE 19 I moved to Hawaii because someone stole my heart, and I thought it sounded like a cool place to live.

AT AGE 23 I moved to San Francisco and went to University. This is when writing and I started to get romantically involved.

AT AGE 26 I graduated University and moved to New York City. New York City is my mistress. I wrote and performed in shows but still wasn’t truly happy.

AT AGE 27 I took my first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Laughing Lotus in NYC. Mind officially blown, I moved back to California – and started exploring my options to create nourishing and empowering communities.

AT AGE 29 I started up school with IIN to become a certified Holistic Health Coach to better serve my community.